The Importance of a Mediator

Mediation is a dispute resolution process designed to achieve peaceful solutions during times of conflict. Mediation works when all parties are willing to cooperate and want to achieve a peaceful resolution to their contract or wills and estate dispute; or to their divorce, custody, asset distribution and support issues without creating more animosity through lengthy and expensive litigation. 

A "mediator" is an important third party who facilitates negotiations between two or more parties to help them reach a mutually acceptable settlement. The major difference between a "judge", an "arbitrator", and a "mediator" is that a mediator does not make a binding decision about the outcome of a particular case. The parties work together with the mediator to figure out a solution with which the parties are all comfortable.

The primary goals of mediation are to allow the parties to express their feelings, clear up any misunderstandings, focus on the areas of concern, find a happy medium, and incorporate these goals into a solution that is empowering because it is the product of reasoned negotiations.

Divorce Mediation is a successful way for many couples considering separation or divorce to mutually agree upon workable child custody and parenting time plans, arrive at a fair and reasonable way to divide marital assets, and to arrive at agreeable alimony and child support provisions. In the context of civil lawsuits, mediation can speed up the time that parties resolve their dispute, and costs significantly less than the cost of a trial. Mediation participants more often than not, find that when they talk things out, they can come up with creative solutions. Rather than relying on the order of a third party, such as a judge or arbitrator, at Bielan, Miklos, & Makrogiannis we have 2 qualified mediators ready to assist you.

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